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2019 Forbes Diversity Top 500
Garmin has been recognized by Forbes as a company that cultivates a welcoming and supportive culture.
Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity and Inclusion Committee
We acknowledge the different experiences of our associates and seek to challenge conventional thinking, understand different perspectives and overcome bias.
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Global Collaboration
Our global networks of professionals work together to explore new ideas and bring a wide array of perspectives to the table.
Founder of Garmin Min Kao stands in workspace at Garmin headquarters
"Our people are the most valuable asset we have, and our goal is to attract, develop and train the best and brightest from all walks of life and backgrounds. Diversity is an integral part of who we are as a company, and our success is a result of people with different backgrounds and experiences coming together to offer their best." - Dr. Min Kao, Executive Chairman and Co-founder


Women's Business Forum

Emerging Professionals


LGBTQ+ Allies

Black EnterpR.I.S.E.

"Juntos, the Latino and Hispanic employee resource group, facilitates the success of Latino associates. Through the group we enrich our professional lives, create connections and promote a welcoming environment while contributing to our local community."
- Maria L., Marketing

Garmin associate sitting in workspace
"As someone with a visible disability, I was intimidated to start in the working world. However, it has never been an issue at Garmin. I feel appreciated."
- Kelly O., University Relations Recruiter

"I believe creative problem-solving increases significantly when we're immersed in an environment that's visually stimulating and comforting. I'm grateful for the programming provided by GarminArts."

- Claire W., Industrial Designer

Five Garmin associates standing in courtyard holding lgbtq+ flags